Pawcedez Bed

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Mercedes Benz enthusiasts and sports car buffs take notice! Your small dog can join you in the fun of being seen cruisin' in style. The precious moments and fond memories will never end with this dog bed strategically placed in your home. Just be sure to keep their smartphones turned off while piloting.

This parody dog bed is inspired by the famous Mercedes Benz sports car, and how fun to have a dog bed that looks like a car! The only difference is your dog will have to provide the sound effects, and seeing how cozy these digs are, they will most likely be snores. Complete with side-view mirrors, headlights, tail-lights, and sporty five-spoke wheels, this bed becomes a focal point in any room.

Plush and spacious silver interior (16" x 12")

Exterior (approximately 32" x 20" x 8") plush black undercarriage.

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